The House Rates

Reservatin Rental per week (Rue des Penitents House) for a single family 
(i.e. parents and two children up to 12) is:
• April € 800;
• May holidays € 1000, rest of May € 800
• First and second week of June € 1000;
• Third and fourth week of June, July and August € 1400;
• September € 1000; 
• October € 800. 

For a second couple add 50% and for a third another 50%; 
the house sleeps 6 adults comfortably with options for 2 to 4 younger children.
If you want to rent the house anytime between November and March contact us.
If you want to rent both properties together (House/Penitents and Panoramic) please get in touch.
Rates do not include heating, cleaning and laundry.
Cleaning minimum of 4 hours once a week plus ½ hour per person above two people.
Rate € 18/hour (includes social charges).

You can save on laundry costs by doing the wash yourself before departure. 
Failing that Sabrina does the wash at home and charges € 18 for each wash. Heating of the house and/or pool are charged separately though metered gas consumption. 
Heating the pool costs about € 10/day.